Fuzzy Muzzle Dog Training

"Whether your dog suffers from separation anxiety or is reactive, I'm here to support both you and your dog through challenging times."

How can Angie help?

Whether it is 'reactivity' or separation anxiety. Angie will help both you and your dog, by working together to recognise your dogs triggers and sharing strategies that you can adopt to address them. Not only to build your confidence but your dogs too. Focusing on solutions by using "force-free" techniques that will help to change your dogs strong emotional responses to the situations that trigger them. Angie will help your dog to overcome their separation anxiety so that you can both get your lives back to normal.

What is reactivity?

It's like our dog is a Jekyl & Hyde. They're 'reactive' when outside, by barking and lunging at other dogs, people, cars etc. This behaviour is not only alarming and distressing for us, but also for your dog too, not to mention others around us. Why do they do this? Well in simple terms they're unable to cope with their current surroundings or the situation they find themselves in at that time, maybe through fear, excitement or pain. If we don't help them then it never goes away and may get worse. Remember dogs will do what works for them, so 'reacting' to the other dog or cyclist until it goes away is their coping mechanism. So according to your dog this has worked.

What is separation anxiety?

Separation anxiety is where our dog exhibits excessive behaviours when we're not at home, eg excessive barking, soiling (when housetrained ), panting, salivating, self-harm, to name a few. They're  not mad at you. They are fearful of being on their own and are in a panic. It's a phobia. Just like when people are fearful of spiders or heights. The good news is I can help you both, (not with the spiders or heights though) because you live with it too.  Just remember....It is not your fault.